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What does a qualified box need?

The printed packaging box needs to have clear and clear patterns and text printed on it, and it is required to print them in the appropriate position. When printing the text on the packaging box, it is necessary to ensure that the ink used in the printed text does not fall off, and that there are no typos, misprints, missing prints, and reprints.

Second, the surface of the box of the packaging box must not be contaminated and damaged, and there are no rust spots, peeling, cracks and other paper defects. In addition, the paper in the box of the packaging box cannot have sensory defects such as splicing, lack of materials, and wrinkles. The paper materials of the same batch of products are consistent.

Make sure that the bottom of the box is square, and there must be no overlapping corners or warpage. After the molding, the overlapping corner holes cannot exceed the specified range.
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