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The mayor of Chuansha New Town visited Jielong Group for con

"The Spring Festival is coming soon. On behalf of the Party Committee and the town government of Chuansha New Town, I wish you all an early year. I wish you good health, a happy family, a great show, and a prosperous tiger!" At the beginning of the new year, on the morning of January 6, Chuansha Comrade Huang Wei, deputy secretary of the party committee and mayor of Xinzheng, led a team to visit Jielong Group, and extended sincere thanks and best wishes to all enterprises and managers of Jielong Group who have worked hard and devoted themselves to the development of Chuansha. And presented condolences.

Fei Junde, chairman of Jielong Group, Fei Yili, general manager, and Gu Liang, deputy general manager of Jielong Group, respectively introduced the current production and operation status of each enterprise of Jielong Group, and reported some practical problems encountered in their work. Care, help and guidance for all aspects of Jielong Group's work. After listening to the situation of the enterprise, Mayor Huang Wei fully affirmed the achievements made by Jielong Enterprise in terms of local economic and social development and stable employment. The town party committee and government will fully consider the actual problems in the operation of the enterprise and provide assistance within their ability. and support. In the new year, we must work harder to create new miracles and show new atmosphere in the new era and new journey, and work together to create a fruitful 2022!
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