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Haifu ACL container detection: almost everything covered

Comprehensive detection of ACL empty bottles without blind spots is a real challenge. HEUFT took it squarely from the start.

The modular system of the HEUFT InLine II series not only checks empty bottles or cans for coloured labels (ACLs). Like true ASEBIs, they are now also capable of sidewall inspection, covering all areas between such brand labels without gaps.

The new professional optical system precisely inspects each ACL to identify cracks, tears, abrasions, inclusions, contamination, typographical errors, non-branded labels, logos and colors in the area.

From ACL detection to ACL quality detection

This ACL quality inspection is a new chapter in the continuous innovation process for comprehensive and reliable inspection of empty bottles. Pure deletion detection has been around for a long time. The problem in the second step is to expand the detectable area by using the color and shape information of the fully or partially hidden ACLs in the image processing process using the AI-based filter to make the detection of the container side wall more comprehensive: HEUFT reflexx AI makes it possible!

However, verifying the absence of an ACL and examining all the security risks and quality defects around it is still not enough for us. That's why we have further developed the inspection technology, so that the HEUFTInLine IIIS empty bottle inspection device can now also inspect the ACL area itself comprehensively and with high precision. A total of four HEUFTreflexxA.I. cameras, including an incident light illumination camera specially developed for further development, have been integrated into the two cabinets for side wall inspection.

Comprehensive inspection of all surfaces, including the ACL area

Four views can now be generated for bottles or cans that are transported non-directionally through the linear inspection system. These views are then collected and centralised in real-time via our intelligent HEUFT reflexx A.I. image processing system, allowing a complete view and inspection of the front and back of each individual container, as well as each ACL, at all times. To achieve this, there is no need to manually block the gap between each bottle, they can be transported tightly through the system. Thus, a full-surface inspection without blind spots is finally and sustainably ensured.

Therefore, whether it is in the process of detecting the absence of the ACL, or in the detection of the lateral wall or in the process of precise ACL quality detection, it is targeted and comprehensive detection without blind spots: HEUFT has it!
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