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"Longli De Intelligent Technology" was rated as an Anhui bra

A few days ago, the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Bureau approved and identified 167 enterprises as "Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprises" in 2021, and Longlead (300883) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is on the list, ranking among them.

In 2021, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau will carry out the evaluation and identification of “Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprises”. After voluntary application, preliminary review and recommendation, qualification review, comprehensive evaluation by experts and social publicity, 167 enterprises will be selected from the 344 enterprises declared in the province. The enterprise was approved and recognized as the "Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprise" this year. The selected companies are the leaders in their sub-sectors, with high brand awareness, reputation and strong development potential.

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It is reported that in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Anhui Quality Conference, the Anhui Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued the implementation opinions to carry out the creation of "Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprise", and plans to select a batch of enterprises with development potential as development objects in a series of steps to create a collection of Anhui cultural characteristics and business philosophy. The overall image of Wanmei brand enterprises in Anhui Province has greatly improved the product quality, brand value and core competitiveness of enterprises in our province.

For the selected companies, the market supervision department will coordinate and promote governments at all levels and relevant departments to introduce policies and measures to strengthen brand building, establish a multi-level acceptance and incentive mechanism for the government, industry, and society, and support "Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprises" to participate in the government Purchasing, bidding, intellectual property pledge loans and other activities, increase standardized funds and project support, organize and participate in brand communication and promotion activities, expand the popularity and influence of "Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprise", and make "Wanmei Brand Demonstration Enterprise" It has been widely recognized by the society, well-known in the whole country, and entered the world, thereby promoting the product quality, brand value and core competitiveness of enterprises in our province to be greatly improved.

Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to brand cultivation, and is committed to positioning the brand in the provision of comprehensive packaging solutions. By establishing a scientific and effective brand building management system and a complete management system, it ensures the supply of funds and strongly supports the company's brand strategic goals. realization.

Xu Longping, chairman of Longlide Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said: "We are determined to firmly establish the concept of "big market, big quality, and big supervision", continue to carry out quality improvement actions, deeply implement the brand cultivation strategy, give play to the leading role of Wanmei brand, and strengthen brand promotion. Recommend and guide all employees of the company to strengthen brand management, implement brand strategy, and contribute to the high-quality economic development of Anhui.

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