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Pentaward releases the 2021-2022 packaging trend Packaging 1

What are the functions of product packaging? Different brands may have different answers to this question, but all brands will not deny that the appearance and image of the product may be one of the first factors that the team considers when it comes to packaging.

Since the development of the new consumer track, the product update iteration speed has become faster and faster. In order to compete for limited consumer attention, various products are competing on the shelves, and packaging design has also suffered from "appearance anxiety." As a facade project for brand image building, product packaging has received more and more attention from the brand, and the "first consideration factor" also tends to become the "most valued factor".

"Appearance" is important, but packaging is related to consumers' perception, touch, emotion and other multi-faceted experience. The appearance and image should not be the only focus of packaging design.

Recently, the packaging industry’s Oscar Pentawards released the 2021-2022 Packaging Trends Report. The report took the packaging design trends of this year’s entries as an example and published his views on the packaging trends in 2022, including quotations from members of the jury. There are also food and beverages in the case. Package Design.

In this year’s Pentawards packaging trend, we have seen designs that reflect the humanistic care of product packaging such as "sustainability" and "inclusiveness", which also truly reflect the impact of the global epidemic on all aspects of our lives. The designer has agile and flexible creative ideas, and quickly adapts to the new social environment. The application of innovative methods and tools is also reflected in this trend report.

Pentawards officially stated, “This year’s entries show us that design can not only help solve key problems in business and society, but can also change categories, attract new audiences, and provide people’s attention in the uncertain global environment. Life brings fun."

The design agencies and brand pursuits that promote the implementation of new ideas are different from the usual practices of the industry. Packaging design is also ushering in a more sustainable future. It uses reality to create a sense of packaging goals, pursues a new lifestyle, emphasizes diversity and inclusiveness, and reminds people that packaging is an important story transmission medium for its brand.

In this article, we will combine the ten major trends of Pentawards2021-2022 packaging to interpret the future development direction of food and beverage packaging trends for everyone.

01Amazing design on traditional product packaging

In this year's entries, many brands have made unexpected designs in some traditional categories of products.

Glass wine is packaged in cans. Different from other wine packaging materials, it improves the convenience of product use and brings a new drinking experience to consumers. The goblet pattern on the packaging also allows consumers to easily distinguish product categories.

Similarly, the ideal staple food package for soft cans continues the traditional concept of high-quality pet food in cans. Food bags are printed with the image of canned pet food, allowing customers to visually and sensorically feel that "soft cans are equal to hard cans, with the same quantity and quality."

FBIF also found that the iconic coffee packaging of three and a half meals also conforms to this trend. The product uses a cup with the same shape as the store coffee, which meets the needs of consumers for portability. The packaging uses numbers to distinguish products. The small cup design not only reflects the brand's desire to create premium instant coffee, but also satisfies consumers' curiosity in packaging, and has been widely spread on social media.

The current epidemic is not stable, and consumers’ home time has also become longer. The stunning design on the packaging will also bring more joy and freshness to consumers’ daily lives.
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